Chicago Bike Racks and Divvy Stations Mapped

Chicago aims to be one of the bike friendly countries in the U.S., and its extensive bike friendly street corners, whether they be bike racks or Divvy stations, certainly help the cause. Divvy is slightly more congregated in the Loop and northern neighborhoods, but bike racks are scattered all over.

Bike racks have been around in Chicago since the 1990s, but they expand annually. Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) installs roughly 500 bike racks on city sidewalks each year with the help of online requests determining need. On CDOT’s website, requests are featured on a continuous scroll with a color code ranking their status.

Divvy is a much more recent addition to the city. Former Mayor Richard M. Daley pushed the bike sharing program after seeing its success in Paris, and Divvy launched as a result in 2013. Now, 6,000 bikes are available at their more than 580 stations across Chicago, Evanston and Oak Park, according to their website. As of February 2016, their annual ridership was above 3 million.


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