About Anna

Hi! My name is Anna Kreutz. I’m a journalism major at DePaul University in Chicago, graduating March 2017. As a political science minor, I’m invested in the disturbingly expansive issues within urban communities and the public policy that lies in the center. On the other hand, studying journalism ignites my passion for business reporting, data collection and communicating with people and communities. And then, I also bike.

When I moved to the city in 2013, the biggest thing I brought with me was my purple and gray speckled road bike. She’s a dear friend to me, and Chicago is pretty good to us as well. This blog keeps up with bike related news, from Divvy to expansions on the lake front path, from Rahm’s bike centric plans to cyclists’ own experiences escaping doors and pot holes.

As a stubborn activist for social, economic, and political rights, I also report on women’s rights, education and related legislation. I like reading, running and eating my weight in breakfast foods.